27 thoughts on “Kid wipes out on bike”

  1. Maybe the kid was in a hurry to get inside to use the bathroom and he didn’t bother with the kickstand.

  2. haha no that kid ate shit and did a backwards somersault, you can see it if you go farther north and look back at him

  3. that’s great, are there any more examples of things being caught by these cars, i’ve seen an alleged deal caught on camera by them, but there must be more!

  4. you gotta love google. i hope they do this to our maps in australia. funny photo tho.

  5. someone find this kid and lets get him on this site…hes famous now….lol

  6. google map has caught some people doing funny things . like my buddy how was caught at his house when he was sopposed to be delivering part. :p lunsford , salinas ,ca lol busted!!!!

  7. i found the google guy takin pictures of my house and stopped him then he went to my neighbors house and they ran him off too,lol then we figured it out when we seen the google streetviews

  8. So I saw the car drive by my house the other day so I posed for a shot. Does anyone know how long it takes to upload the new street views???? I have been checking my address every 8 hours to see if I have made the cut yet…

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