There are rumours going around on the internets about a possible 3D version of StreetView for Google Earth. Some special cams have been seen in Italy yesterday. Google Maps StreetView is still only available in the US. Cameras on top of Google cars have been seen in Canada, Britain, Australia and now Italy. Images from Australia will apparently be available later this year. As usual Google don’t give out any information about when that will happen. Keep your eye on the StreetView map and maybe some day soon…

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3 Responses to StreetView in 3D

  1. Mickey says:

    The new version of Google Earth that came out a few days ago (version 4.3) includes StreetView. Were you referring to that, or is there something ELSE coming soon too?

  2. admin says:

    I mentioned the StreetView in Google Earth in a previous post. This post is about a possible 3d mapping in Google Earth done in part by StreetView cams. Read more about it at the links I posted.

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