Google Street View kills Bambi

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A deer got killed by the Google Street View car. Google have removed (map location) the images but you can see the images right here below.

Google have since explained the incident:

The driver was understandably upset, and promptly stopped to alert the local police and the Street View team at Google. The deer was able to move and had left the area by the time the police arrived. The police explained to our driver that, sadly, this was not an uncommon occurrence in the region — the New York State Department of Transportation estimates that 60,000-70,000 deer collisions happen per year in New York alone — and no police report needed to be filed.

We’re sad that this accident occurred and we consider ourselves fortunate that our driver was not injured.

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50 thoughts on “Google Street View kills Bambi”

  1. My wife is from this region, and it is true that deer collisions are a regular occurrence in the area. She was in a car that hit one just a few years ago.

  2. I grew up about 2 miles from that very spot. Deer collisions are definitely nothing unusual – except for the fact that this one was captured by the Street View cam. My step-mom hit a deer just last week, in fact. Given the lack of carnage or apparent lack of damage to the car, I would believe Google’s story that they did not actually “kill bambi”

  3. Why would you say in your post that google apologized for killing the deer if the quote you provide says the deer got up and left. It doesn’t sound “killed” to me.

  4. Yea, I live in upstate. If you dont almost hit a deer a few times a year… Your in the city. lol. Still funny that they still published the photos on the site. Hahahaha

  5. Give me a break, people. Deer collisions are sometimes unavoidable. We’ve had deer run into the road and hit US before we even knew what happened. Things happen fast. And there is no way most city or county road crews have time to go scoop up every roadkill right after it happens. Get real.

  6. @ GW

    Sometimes unavoidable? In this case it was avoidable… if the street view van was not out driving and collecting images, this would not have happened. You get real… this is Google’s fault, period.

  7. @Local

    It’s a deer. Give me a break. Deer get hit by cars/trucks all the time and they are NOT endangered. People shoot them for sport. It’s a deer. Its no ones fault, not even the driver if its unavoidable. You crazy hippy

  8. It’s a deer, kids, and it got hit by a car! Never saw that before. This one may well have run off–its surprising how often they do (but there may be ultimately lethal injuries even then, of course). Upstate NY (the “occupied territories”) is simply teaming with deer. You swerve to miss them, but some simply insist on throwing themselves under your wheels (it’s still amazing to me–and I mean insist). While the deer themselves are a renewable resource, deer strikes are a major problem in Upstate because of the huge volume of property damage they cause (millions and millions of dollars annually) and a large number of serious injuries and deaths. When the deer population is up, they become a notable public health hazard and DEC issues more doe tags and extends the hunting season to try to stop the deer from killing our family, friends, and neighbors. If this sounds speciesist, it is. Its is an odd truth that there is a real “kill or be killed” factor here. In any case, if the cars and hunters don’t keep the population down the deer start to starve to death en masse come the next bad winter anyway. All the sentimentality is misplaced. Cute little faun though!

    P.S.- I don’t think that you can blame the Google guy on this. He was probably form NYC, had never seen a furry animal before and was just trying to get close enough to pet it.

  9. That’s some of the worst photoshopping I’ve ever seen. Look at the road lines. Look at what’s in focus and what’s not. I can;t believe anybody believes this is real. IT’S FAKE

  10. Wow people. Come on. This is nothing. Its just one deer. Its not like their endangered. The deer population will still thrive even tho this one is dead. I am from central Illinois. Im quite sure that car/deer accidents are much more common here than in urban New York.

  11. IN RESPONCE TO “@ GW”Sometimes unavoidable? In this case it was avoidable… if the street view van was not out driving and collecting images, this would not have happened. You get real… this is Google’s fault, period”

  12. ROFL!! That’s the funniest shit I have seen all week! Ahh Google…thanks for the lolz!

  13. People who are “OMG DEER KILLAZ” obviously haven’t driven in a rural area for too long, if ever! I’m in rural Australia so replace your deer with my kangaroos and you get the same effect. There’s roadkill everywhere, you can be driving along a straight road and one will jump out infront of you, sure, you could drive off the road and kill yourself to save the creature, if you want. Also I’m on a bike so I think that for every roo that hits a car is one that can’t hit me!

  14. I can’t believe out of all the comments none that I see are saying anything about the fact that the images have been EDITED or PHOTOSHOPED! Watch the lines on the lines on the road and the blur marks from blending tools.

    As for all the people freaking out and calling for the death of Google. The next time you drive on a country road I hope a big bad ass bear runs out and eats your dumb ass.

  15. it’s actually population control… I live in upstate NY and we are overcrowded with deer. I’ve seen near 30 deer in my backyard at the same time before. This is a lot better of a way to die than starving to death in the winter. Sucks when you hit them though… you learn to drive with an eagle eye growing up in a rural area, but accidents do happen…

  16. This driver was doing those locals a favor! look at the way that deer was viciously frolicking alongside the road! he was trying to cause a fatal accident! Thanks to Google, a ferocious killer is now off the road! HA HA HA HA HA HA

  17. The deer wasn’t photoshopped in.

    If you take a look at the Google Maps/Streetview team’s blog, they have the explanation posted there.


    In the first generation of Street View, you could actually see the car on which the camera was mounted. Now, Google attempts to replace the vehicle by splicing images from neighboring street views. This explains the crooked yellow lines.

    Notice how the deer was very near the yellow line in the first shot, then it was almost to the shoulder, then it was in the grass. This is because when a moving vehicle hits an object as small as a deer, the object is thrown with a trajectory away from the vehicle.

  19. Why is it such a big deal that they hit a deer? I mean, freaking calling the police? Making an offical statement? It happens countless times a day. W. T. F.

  20. That is clearly photoshopped, look at the lines on the road and the one where the deer is ‘dead’ you can see where they cloned all over the street… it eats through some shadows. That is possibly the worst photoshop job I have ever seen.

  21. The idiots claiming that this is photoshopped are scum, pure and simple, everything that is wrong with the world. Turn on your brain.

    (And this is obviously not anyone’s fault.)

  22. Leo sais : “My wife is from this region, and it is true that deer collisions are a regular occurrence in the area. She was in a car that hit one just a few years ago ”

    ….. so what ? killing animals bad … if your wide did it , that means it is normal ?!
    they should better preapares roads … eg. specials paths for the animals

  23. I know this kinda sounds crazy, But that street view driver is my dad’s friend! He was SUPER upset, (Crying),

    And he felt really bad. He felt better when the police officer told him that this is very common! God Bless America!

  24. Collisions with deer happen constantly in areas with high deer population. Deer are extremely fast and get confused when cars are nearby, so they often dash right out in front of a moving car and there is no time for the driver to stop. It’s sad because they are beautiful animals, but anyone who thinks it’s the driver or Google’s fault is incompetent.

  25. For crying out loud people grow up, hitting a deer with a car or truck happens. Most of the time its unavoidable. And yes, they leave the deer on the side of the road, county empoyees pick up the dead animals later. Btw, i drive an 18 wheeler and we are taught you never swerve to avoid an animal because rolling the truck and killing yourself and possibly other drivers isnt worth it. Ive hit two deer and many other smaller animals with either my big rig or my pickup truck. Guess what, shit happens, get over it.


    That second pic got me cracking up XD

  27. Just saying… as someone that has grown up in dee-heavy areas… it is very common, not just in New York state, but across the east coast (and I’m sure across the country, but I have only lived east coast).

    The deer may have gotten up or may not be in pieces, but a broken back is pretty much a dead deer.

    Anyone truly blaming the driver *cough* top comment *cough*, try driving a car in an area with deer. It happens!

  28. Are you people kidding me? Haha wow at the big city folk thinking they know everything. I live in a fairly large city but even when on the outskirts of town deer are everywhere and get hit all the time. They jump in front of your car in the blink of an eye and there’s nothing you can do. And to the idiot that said 60-70k is the entire population of deer, where are you getting this info from? About 70k deer are hunted and killed every year in my province alone, and there are approx 5-8 deer per square km. Translation: there are way too many deer and population control is required or the deer will all starve to death and wreak havok on crops and eco systems.

  29. What’s good for the deer is good for the human. Humans get killed all the time, some people even kill other people for fun. With more than SEVEN BILLION large, smelly, filthy, selfish, greedy, world-ruining, endlessly multiplying humans in the world, they are certainly not endangered. So who cares if a human dies, it means nothing and there is no reason to even bat an eye when someone dies. Just forget it and move on (or better yet, encourage a little human culling; it’s in their own best interests).

  30. There is NOTHING you can do to prevent from hitting a dear that jumps right in front of you. If you have time to swerve … DON’T. Because then your going to go off the road and probably hit a phone pole and the wrecks going to be much worse. If you think other wise you have not lived in the country and you have no reason to be posting your stupid posts on there.

  31. If that bothers you guys, you should see all of the deer I have purposely shot and eaten. I am like a Bambi serial killer.

  32. I found a dead deer on Google Street view at:
    3148 Bullis Rd, Elma, NY 14059
    Yeah, it happens.

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