Google have announced that Mexico will be the next country to get StreetView. On Monday November the 9th you will be able to see images from Monterrey, Guadalajara, Ciudad de MĂ©xico, Puerto Vallarta, Playa del Carmen, Cozumel, and CancĂșn. We will cover those new images when available on Monday here on

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4 Responses to StreetView Mexico coming on Monday Nov 9th!

  1. Bob says:

    I have been trying to see the street view images of Mexican cities in google maps but they don’t seem to be there yet. Any news on this front?


  2. Munden says:

    I figured the update would happen Monday evening, leaving most of us to find the update on Tuesday morning. That seems to be the general timing of it.

  3. Street View says:

    It’s a bit weird, but I guess it will be up any minute now. Still a couple of hours left of November 9 in Mexico. Google announced it on their official Mexican Google Maps blog. Usually they don’t announce when streetview will be released in a new country, but for some reason they did this time.

  4. Munden says:

    I couldn’t see anything until I zoomed in really far. NOW it’s showing up. I suppose it’s a caching thing. Maybe.

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