Boring couple versus Google Maps StreetView

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The couple named Boring filed suit in April 2008 against google for taking photos of their house from a private road. They failed to win then, but came back to court this year. And now they actually won.

Charges were changed to trespassing. The judge found that Google was guilty of Count II trespass after Google and the Boring couple agreed to a settlement.

So, how much money did the Boring couple get from this settlement? The total amount they got from the settlement was… wait for it… one dollar!

Here’s a suggestion on where the Boring couple should move.

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2 thoughts on “Boring couple versus Google Maps StreetView”

  1. Now they are known as the Dumb couple.

    It was better when they were only a Boring couple.

    I would pay a dollar to see their Boring faces now 🙂

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