Google Maps Street View back on the road after WiFi problems

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Google released some interesting news today about the WiFi problems and Street View:

Having spoken to the relevant regulators we have decided to start Street View driving in Ireland, Norway, South Africa and Sweden again starting next week. We expect to add more countries in time. Our cars will no longer collect any WiFi information at all, but will continue to collect photos and 3D imagery as they did before. (Google)

Ireland is the only new country mentioned here not yet covered by StreetView. Hopefully they will be able to publish images from Germany soon too.

Where would you want StreetView cars to go next?

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4 thoughts on “Google Maps Street View back on the road after WiFi problems”

  1. Would be great if they covered Malta – It is only 27 km long and 15 km width, taking just over an hours drive between its two furthest points.

  2. My wife saw a streetveiw car in our town earlier this year before the wifi story broke, as of yet no new pictures though..

  3. Personally I think they need to get those higher definition cameras back to the USA and Australia/New Zealand and redo all the roads that they did with dated technology.

  4. I agree, Aussie & NZ Street View just isn’t very enjoyable to look at. That’s why I was happy to know they were back filming our roads again.

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