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We’ve now added more than 5,000 streetview images to since the launch in 2007. Thanks to all who have contributed with streetview sightings over the years! You can see a list of the top contributors in the menu to the right.

Also a special thanks to those who send images over email and don’t have an account here. They don’t get added to the top contributors list automaticly. But we can do it manually. Simply mention your username when you send us the streetview sighting over email.

So, if you prefer to send us streetview links over email and wish to get added to this contributor list, please create a username. Then mention your username whenever you send the streetview link over email. We’ll add it to your account. If you have any questions, feel free to send an email to: info A T

How to add a streetview image to

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3 thoughts on “More than 5,000 StreetViews on”

  1. Thank you to the management of StreetVeiwFun for providing the site. Now I have a way to use up all my excess bandwidth (+ some) on my expensive wireless internet connection. Also thanks to the other contributors for making the site so interesting. Keep it up! 🙂

  2. “please create a username” —> “User registration is currently not allowed.”? You’ve published at least 30 of my contributions sent through Google though…

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