Top 12 Google Maps Street View images of 2012

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What a great Street View year this fifth year has been! So many new countries and areas were added. Among the new StreetView countries this year: Russia, Botswana, Chile, Croatia, Estonia, India, Israel, Ukraine and many more. We’ve had a lot of fun watching some amazing stuff on Street View in 2012.

Now, let’s take a look at the very best Street View images of the year selected by Which one is your favourite of 2012?

12. Pisa tower tourist’s classic pose
Pisa classic photo

11. Message on Italian beach
Beach message

10. Hey, hands off!
Hands off

9. What is this busty girl doing at their wedding?

8. Push me!
Push me

7. Google Maps Street View car hit a donkey in Botswana?
Donkey in Botswana

6. Guy calling for assistance

5. Google Maps Street View car stuck in sand at river crossing in Botswana
Stuck in Botswana

4. But mommy I forgot my swim goggles

3. Rollerblading talent on Google Maps StreetView
Rollerblading talent

2. Weirdest guys on Google Maps Street View?
Weirdest guys on Google Maps Street View

Drumroll please… the best Street View image of 2012 goes to…

1. Disposable student
Disposable student

Funniest Street View images of 2011

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