Top 10 2023

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Now available at our Patreon, the Top 10 of Google Street View in 2023. This time it’s not a video, just the images and links to the locations.

We add new exclusive images daily to our Patreon, including stuff we can’t post here (accidents, nsfw etc) and some free posts too. Join us!

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4 thoughts on “Top 10 2023”

  1. Are there any plans for the TOP 10 video to be published on YouTube, or will you keep this one only on Patreon?

  2. We have no plans for that at the moment. YouTube is not too happy about compilations of just Google Maps images unfortunately. It’s an issue of copyright I guess.

  3. Not disagreeing with your thesis on this YouTube issue, but lately it has been difficult to monetize videos on YouTube (curiosities, supernatural and even cooking videos) for many authors on the platform, this is because it has changed (and continues to change) its guidelines and your algorithm in relation to monetization. But lately, to overcome this obstacle, sponsorships are an excellent solution for generating revenue, and in this case, it makes much more profit than monetizing YouTube. But I think it’s unlikely that it’s Copyright, because if it were, Google itself would prohibit this type of content and this would be in the terms of use, making it clear that Google Maps images are accessible to the public – that is, any internet user .

  4. The specific issue is what YouTube determine to be derivative work from copyright images. I’m looking into some ideas for that.

    We do have a couple of YouTube shorts coming soon.

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