4 posts per day in May success! – How about June?

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We made it! As promised we posted atleast 4 street view images per day in May!! Thanks to everyone who helped us acheive this. It was a huge success with more images submitted than ever and a big spike in traffic to the site. On average we actually posted almost 5 images per day. Last year our average was 1 per day. On January 1st we promised 2 per day in 2021.

So, what will we do in June? We plan to continue to aim for 4 per day in June aswell. At the moment we don’t have as many images scheduled as we did in early May when we started all of this. This means it may not be possible for two months straight. But we will give it a try!

You can participate and help us reach this goal for another month. Submit images you’ve found! Again, thanks to all contributors!

An update on some errors

StreetViewFun.com · Reply

We’ve recieved reports from visitors about errors submitting new street view sightings using our form. We are looking into this. It is likely related to a new version of wordpress causing errors with plugins. This issue has now been solved and you should be able to send us images again.

We’ve also noticed problems with the thumbs up rating feature. It started happening after upgrading wordpress. We’re working on it. We have a new solution for this in place now.