An update on some errors · Reply

We’ve recieved reports from visitors about errors submitting new street view sightings using our form. We are looking into this. It is likely related to a new version of wordpress causing errors with plugins. This issue has now been solved and you should be able to send us images again.

We’ve also noticed problems with the thumbs up rating feature. It started happening after upgrading wordpress. We’re working on it. We have a new solution for this in place now.

New updated Top 100 + design changes! · 6 comments

We’ve made some changes to the design over the last couple of days as you may have noticed. The main differences are larger images and a less cluttered impression. It should also be easier to see tags and categories for an image now.

The Top 100 page of the best Street View images has been completely remade and all ratings are now updated live. For each country we have a top 25 and once we get some more ratings it will change to 50 and 100.

If you visit Google Maps to find new sightings, then maybe take an extra look at the countries with surprisingly few images in our Top Lists: Czech Republic, Finland, Hungary, Ireland, Norway, Portugal and Taiwan. Find anything interesting? Send it our way.

You can now find the toplist for each country below the Top 100 main page.

We hope you like the changes! If you notice any issues, have any suggestions or questions, please let us know in the comments.

You can now support us on Patreon · Reply

As some of you have noticed we have not been accepted back into the YouTube ad program yet despite having way more subscribers and views than required. To find out more you can visit our Patreon page. This is our only source of income for the videos we create on YouTube.

If you prefer to support us in other ways, sending us interesting Google Street View images is as always very much appreciated. Turning off your ad blocker for this domain is also very helpful.

Thank you!

Bad news · Reply

As some of you may have heard YouTube decided to demonetize all channels with less than 1000 subscribers within 30 days from now. They also require 4000 hours of views during the last 12 months. It’s going to be hard for us to reach, but we will give it a try! You can help by subscribing (it’s free obviously). We post new videos every week.

To try to reach 1000 subscribers we will also be more active promoting the channel during the next 30 days on instagram, twitter and facebook.

What will happen if we don’t reach the targets? We will try to find other ways to monetize the videos and if that doesn’t work, we might be forced to do less videos.

Here’s our best of 2017 video:

Please subscribe and view some of our 60 videos! Thanks!

Celebrating 10 years with Google Street View!

About Street View Funny signs USA · 1 comment

Google Maps Street View has just turned 10 years old. Congrats to Google! At we’ve been celebrating the amazing content provided by Google every day since the very start back in 2007. Street View now cover 83 countries.

Larry kicked off the first prototype in 2004 with a team of Googlers who were passionate about his idea to create a 360-degree view of the world. They tossed cameras on a van, added some lasers (okay maybe it was a bit more complicated than that), and the first Street View car was born. In 2006, Street View officially hit the roads in a few cities across the U.S. and the first imagery was published in May 2007. Ten years later, we’ve published imagery on every continent, in 83 countries, and traveled about 10 million miles with the Street View car. Talk about a roadtrip. (Google)

Explore the best of what we’ve found over the years in the Top 100.