18 Scariest Street View images

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Over the years there’s been some truly scary Street View sightings. Here’s our collection of the scariest images on Google Maps Street View.

18. Looks like nice people
Scary Street View image

17. Man with a real snake around his neck

16. Fire in Northern Ireland

15. Military aiming at cars

14. Scary stuff

13. What are you guys up to?
Scary kids

12. Freaky

11. Burning van in Canada
scary van

10. Tiger on the loose!

9. Girl escape burning car
Girl car scary

8. Google StreetView kills Bambi
Scary deer

7. Anyone want a burger while the grills hot?
Burning car scariest

6. What is this man doing?
Scary man

5. Accident
Scary accident

4. The Papantla Flyers
Papantla Flyers

3. Serious bug on Google StreetView
Scary bug on Street view

2. Google Street View can be scary

1. People in shock as Google find girl lying on pavement

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11 thoughts on “18 Scariest Street View images”

  1. How could you possibly see a dog?? 😮 The red is blood, there is dragmarks splitting into two blood pools. And the “dog” Isn’t noticeable, its a body. You can clearly see the guy’s face and knees bent. D:

  2. Go to Snopes…it is a dog and what looks like blood is actually wet wood.

  3. I recognize # 5 (accident) as being here in Phoenix AZ. Cars seem to end up upside down here a lot.

  4. Where is the gas mask guy hiding between trees in mexico? Where is the gas mask guy location in mexico?

  5. the picture with the dead body is not real it’s like a wet dog and get it wet wood is a different color

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